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Hello !


I'd like to know, what is the most efficient composition between dual wielding and the two handed weapon (for a barbarian).


I know that the two handed weapon are better when the target have a good damage reduction but the slow attack speed and the overall damages makes me feel annoyed.


Thanks :)

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I am still early in the game, but my barbarian with 18 might and a nice 2 handed spear with reach is very useful. I have 15 dex so pretty good attack speed, no armor, and just hang back and do tons of damage. I didn't make the character very optimized since I found that 19 Con gives you lots of health but you still die in two seconds if you have very low damage reduction and deflection.


Not sure if its worth dual wielding for faster attacks if you have to wear medium armor to survive on the front line.

You might be able to make a good front line fighter build, but I think maxing out might and dex could be the way to go for someone who hangs back with a reach weapon.

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