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Distant Advantage stopped working



I made a Wood Elf Cipher and tested Distant Advantage extensively in the tutorial area - it always worked well, and it still works in all my save games between the tutorial and Gilded Vale. Shortly after recruiting Eder and entering the wilderness, I noticed that DA had completely stopped working - I stripped naked, used the same bow as I had used in the tutorial, but I absolutely could no longer see any accuracy difference in the log between standing next to an enemy and standing at max bow range


There were no bigger buffs overriding the effect either - I had 31 accuracy in the tutorial that got buffed to 36 at max bow range, and now I have 31 accuracy that remains at 31 accuracy at max bow range. I also killed my companions to make extra sure that wasn't the issue, but no -- even solo I can no longer get DA, and it no longer shows up under active effects.


edit: somebody else reported the same problem with another racial here:



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