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Quick Switch Talent & Ranged Cipher build

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Self: -1.5 weapons change recovery, -4 grimoire switch recovery




Just checking this, because the lvl 4 talent selection (and all the talent selections) for either a ranged/guns Cipher build seems pretty incredibly important, between the weapons focus, marksman (potentially) and this.   


a) iirc, according to a Sensuki vid, the recovery time between switching weapons is 2 seconds


b) Assuming ^ is true, does that mean "1.5 weapons recovery" changes the recovery time to 0.5 seconds from 2 seconds when you switch weapons.


c) assuming ^ is true, does that mean this is actually a really important talent for players going "shoot, weapons switch, shoot,  weapons switch, shoot"



Or, is it just a fairly mediocre talent I shouldn't waste time looking at, and I should really either make my final choice between Soldier/Ruffian/War bow/Hunting Bow for +6 accuracy for my weapons focus, marksman for a +5 accuracy to all ranged weapons (seems pretty great if weapons focuses only give +6 accuracy), or one of the others. 


The lvl 2 talent was draining whip for obvious reasons btw. 

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True that.  I grabbed marksman regardless because I'm not geared up yet, so lvl 2 draining, lvl 4 marksman, then 6 could be quick switch 8 could be 4th weapon slot, 10 as weapons focus.  Unless you go with Blunderbuss then you def take penetrating shot as 6th because penetrating is just about everything.    


Which begs the final question, do you go for a penetrating shot+blunderbus build, or an arbalest build.  Or even an arbalest-arbalest-arbalest-crossbow/warbow setup.  

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