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Hotkeys and command queues.

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Is there any way to unbind the number keys assigned to characters so I can assign them to skills? I saw no option to unbind it in controls. The game seems to be wanting to fight me every step of the way in allowing some ease of use for myself. There is also no way to queue commands to characters? Between the lack of skill hotkeys that I'd like, and no queueing of commands combined with no AI. It is really starting to grate on me because I have to hold the hands of my characters for every battle(Which I am fine with really) but the other things make it a chore.


I was pumped for the game but these minor technical things are enough to suck out all my enjoyment.

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I know you can remap 1-6 to something else and that works. However if for some reason you want to go back, the 1-6 characters aren't in the remap, so you'd have to do a reset to default.


In my case I replaced 1-6 with simply using Next Character. The 1-6 hotkey to me only makes sense if there were hotkeys to fire their skills. So what I press 2 to get contol of player 2, now I have to use the mouse to scroll down and select the skill. Ehhh...


But yes, I'd love to then press say 1-5 to select their skill, imo that is a lot of relestate going to the bottom left every time. That section imo should be in the lower center and what is there now, far left.


Queing, not sure why a lot of TB type games are getting away from that, this game totally could use that.


Then there are no AI scripts.


So what I do is load up heavy on pauses and take it from there the best I can. Not terribad, just has room for improvement.

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