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I wish I had these in PoE

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Greetings, all!

Having played Baldur's Gate II and Divinity: Original Sin lately, these seem like oversights/omissions in Pillars of Eternity.

1: No map markers.  Baldur's Gate II had these!  I can make my own physical or out-of-game maps, but this is 2015.  Why should I have to?

2: No way to name my saves.  Baldur's Gate II had these!  I'd like to be able to make note of my progress in each save's name.  Did I just kill a boss or get a spiffy item?  That's noted.  I could also rename a save file to say "BEFORE VERY IMPORTANT DECISION Y" just in case I wanted to try more than one way of a decision.

Finally, these are minor gripes in the face of what is so far a very spiffy game.  Thankee!

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