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1st - mirror image spell (lvl 2 for mage) is not displaying movement of character
2nd - sound on closing the beginner advice is getting stucked and repeat in loop

other cry things:

1) 8 locations - 0 nice items found (currently im finishing the stronghold.... with some serious issues)

2) cant move away from enemies - the character tries to attack them and dies as they fire back
3) game reminds me of dragon age - go to doors trap all the enemies shoot fireballs and pick the loot
4) before you run away from enemy you die (if you are mage - you get one / two hitted on normal difficulty)
5) bear is faster than human (well... maybe thats accurate)
6) fights are mostly mass enemies like 4 - 5 or 10 enemies at once... and they all reminds of 3-4 diffrent types randomly spammed like 2 priest + 1 fighter + 1 thief vs your party


my tears today arent the tears of joy...
no multiplayer nothing good no good economy balance, no items just trash like pick 50 helmets and sell them to get gold LOL, and you cant buy anything good

and you cant craft either because you barely get any items to craft

well obsidian at least you tried to make it happen and i belived in you and i do still belive
but we need A LOT of changes... eliminate bugs first... and let us put AI on or off
characters got so much statistics but its all useless because fight is like 5-10 seconds... and you just use 4 spells and then you rest and then you go to next fight and over and over again....

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