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GPU Fault and Ring Stall on RadeonSI on Linux



Not really expecting any "support" on this, but I do figure it should be on the PoE forum since it seems to be an isolated problem.


I run the neckbeard purists desktop (ie, I ask for it) so I have Arch with an r9 290, and several Intel machines for backup when the AMD Mesa driver has a bad day. Like today.


PoE causes kernel panics on its loading screens running kernel 3.19.2 and Mesa 10.5.1. It is a driver bug, I just want to mention it here in case other this problem, because I've made a bug report on the DRI bug tracker for it here.


If anyone else runs into this problem and finds this post (that is the hope, at least) throw them your kernel logs from the crashes so AMD might be able to figure out why that happens, so this game might run on the Mesa driver (at least with a 290) at some point in the future.

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I made a bug report and after a week of debugging it ended up being an issue in LLVM 3.6. SVN versions of 3.7 or any trunk builds correct the bug, so anyone running Pillars on radeonsi should build Mesa from git and LLVM from SVN to run the game. It works pretty flawlessly after that.

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