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Wizard race questions

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I'm making a Wizard. Now I usually go with an Elf in DnD games but I can see Elves are a bit different here. Does anyone know if Elves are still a good choice for Wizards in PoE? If so, what are your thoughts on Pale Elf vs Wood Elf for a Wizard?

Or do you recommend a different race for a Wizard?




EDIT: I ended up going with a Wood Elf in the end. They seem pretty good for a Wizard.

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I ended up picking the dwarf race with tattoos on its face which gets an accuracy bonus against wildlings, but mainly for the +2 might which I think also affects wizard's spell and ability damages. I min maxed and went with 21 str and 18 int, with 9 dex and 10 everything else.

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