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Issues with Dialogue



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Same issue here.  It's persisted through the game too not just early on with Calisca.

In Kana's voiced portions it's pretty noticeable as well.  Mostly it cuts off the first 3-4 words and then continues as normal.


My sound card is completely different from tehgr8supa's.  I'm using a Xonar DX.  GOG.com version.

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Same here. Calisca is especially noticeable. Realtec HD Audio onboard card. GOG version.


The problem fixes itself after closing the client and restarting, only to appear again some time after. I am yet to figure out the cause.


Edit: It seems that double clicking to equip something triggers the bug. Seeing how it also causes some special abilities/bonuses to permanently disapper, it is highly adviseable to avoid it at all costs until the issue is patched.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Start the game (in my case as a Ranger)

2. Equip and unequip any item with a double click (in my case the bow)

3. Talk to Calisca.

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