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  1. They act weirdly from time to time, especially when new party members are added that were not accounted for when the formation was set up. Switching to another formation and then back helps fix the problem.
  2. Same here. Calisca is especially noticeable. Realtec HD Audio onboard card. GOG version. The problem fixes itself after closing the client and restarting, only to appear again some time after. I am yet to figure out the cause. Edit: It seems that double clicking to equip something triggers the bug. Seeing how it also causes some special abilities/bonuses to permanently disapper, it is highly adviseable to avoid it at all costs until the issue is patched. Steps to reproduce: 1. Start the game (in my case as a Ranger) 2. Equip and unequip any item with a double click (in my case th
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