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[508] Heodan can light braziers as long as the PC has a torch equipped

User Interface

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[Description of the issue]
If an object interaction requires an item to be equipped, any party member can preform that interaction, as long as the player character has that item equipped.

[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]
1) Go to Cilant Lis' the hall with the braziers
2) Equip a torch on the player character
3) Select Heodan or Calisca and click on the braziers.
4) The braziers will be lit, although your party members have no torch equipped

[Expected behaviour]
I expected the other party members would be unable to perform that interaction.

[Other remarks / Comments]
I know this isn't a severe problem, but it still looks goofy. BTW, I was against the "every party member interacting equals the player character interacting" logic from the start.

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