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Unsure whether my Mac will be able to run the game?

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Hi all!

I am a die-hard fan of the old Infinity Games, but have since the 00s switched to do all my gaming on Mac and XBOX. I have a mid2012 MacPro, and I am unsure of whether it will be able to run the game - I don't mind turning off some of the bells and whistles, as long as the game is playable.


The specs of my machine are as following: 2,5 GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB 1600 DDR3 RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB graphics card. It has been running Divinity: Original Sin and Wasteland 2 just fine. If anyone could give me a hint as to whether the gameplay experience would be tolerable on my Mac, it would be really helpful -I  don't want to buy the game just to find out that I can't run it, and it seems that I have seen many different versions of the system requirements. Thanks in advance! :-)

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I have the same question as I supported thru kickstarter well before the specs were released. Wonder how it would run on a new iris pro iMac as well cause I was thinking about getting a new Mac. I know that Wasteland 2 and the Shadowrun games worked passibly on my old 2007 iMac with ALL the graphical bells and whistles turned down. I think as long as the graphics card is at least 512mb that the system memory may be more important. I hope someone from Obsidian can confirm before I spend the time installing.

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