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  1. Sup. I asked this question as well. I got a few responses on my thread, which you can find here... http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71290-mac-performance/ My setup should be ok to run the game comfortably; but I will wait a bit to see people's reaction to performance.
  2. Cool. Thanks. The Iris graphics I know is weakest point of my setup, but it appears, based on others' setups, my system should be able to play it comfortably with tuning. I'll probably give it a bash.
  3. When I saw the minimum requirements before they changed I was all in for buying the game at launch, but now that they have changed I am very reluctant to spend $50. System requirements were in flux for the game anyhow, but, yeah, such a drastic change is a bit worrisome. I personally believe game developers should make demos for their games so customers that are reluctant to buy their game, whether because they are unsure their system can run game or whether that game is right for them. The demo need not be long; enough to showcase the game and enough for a potential customer to gauge if
  4. Yeah. I will try playing this game on macbook pro i5 duo core 2.5ghz, 8gigs ram, and Iris 1024vram. Not sure if it will do, but i'm thinking it should be ok. That is why I wish game devs would develop a short demo like in the "old" days, so I can determine if it would be worth my money to play, in particular if my machine can run it well. It doesn't have to be a long demo; just 1-2hrs of gameplay; enough to gauge my comp's ability to process game.
  5. I won't be able to play on my desktop for a couple of months, but I would like to get some feedback from players that have played POE on mac. I want to play the game on my macbook pro late 2013 with 2.5ghz duo-core, 8gigs ram, and Iris 1024 vram. I am aware of the system requirements. Has anyone played the game in beta on a similar device as mine or on a mac, and can attest to mac performance? It would be appreciated.
  6. Cool. You have a much better mac than mine. I am using a late 2013 macbook pro iris with 1536mb and duo core 2.6ghz, 8 gigs, ram, etc. I believe, based on the listed requirements, that I can play the game relatively well, but we'll see.
  7. I think a console version might be difficult to implement because of the game mechanics of POE... but, I think the WiiU would be ideal, especially with the game pad that has touch screen. You could manage inventory, character settings, combat management, etc. through the wiiu's touch screen game pad. The console is more than powerful enough to run high-fidelity games (relatively); it runs Black Flag, Watch Dogs, etc. at decent enough visuals (especially black flag and deus ex). The only real issue is how many nintendo players would actually find POE interesting enough to buy. The greatest
  8. Hey buddy. I am curious, how is the performance on your macbook? Which macbook are you using?
  9. A mac build has become available with the latest update. Has anyone tried the mac build? Can anyone comment on possible system requirements or how it plays on their system? Something general would be nice, just so those of us that might use mac to play the game know what to expect.
  10. Now that the mac version has been released, maybe someone who has played it on mac can tell us how it plays at this moment, and if the specs we listed above are capable of letting us enjoy the game. As mentioned, I have the Iris intel graphics with 1536mb, duo-core 2.5-3.6ghz, and 8 gigs ram, etc., and is quite good overall for playing any sort of less graphically stringent game. Pillars of Eternity looks great, but based on style it may let lower end spec systems play the game without too much of a hitch.
  11. Hello folks. I just wanted to hear from the community if my laptop will be able to play this game when out. I have a Macbook Pro Late 2013 Retina Iris (1536), dual core 2.5ghz (turbo boost to 3.5ghz), 8 gigs ram, etc. Based on the system requirements for the game that I have seen, I should be able to play this game without too much issue. I don't want to buy the game and be unable to enjoy it. What are your thoughts?
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