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First thoughts on Party

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Hi folks! It's nearly here!

This is my thinking for a custom Party, let me know if you think it's terribly unbalanced, etc.
I don't really know what I'm doing (:

-Godlike (Fire) Fighter (Melee)

-Elf (Wood) Ranger (Ranged) ~ Companion; either Wolf/Bear/Lion/Stag, I'm undecided yet.

-Orlan (Hearth) Rogue (Melee)

-Aumaua (Island) Barbarian (Melee)

-Dwarf (Mountain) Druid? (Melee)

-Human (Meadow) Mage (Ranged)

I'm torn between playing as the Godlike (it just sounds cool), or the Ranger, as I'm currently playing a Half-Elf Ranger in Pathfinder, and loving it, plus I like the idea of the animal companion.

Any suggestions/crits would be welcomed!


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Haha, I was hoping to avoid using a Paladin, they're just so preachy >:)

I hope the Godlike Fighter and Aumaua Barbarian are tanky enough.

I'm not overly attached to the Druid so maybe a tanky Paladin could replace that.

Cheers for the suggestion (:

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Im going to be starting on hard difficulty, and for my first party Im thinking of using:


Fighter (melee / tank)

Barbarian (melee / tank)

Rogue (ranged)

Ranger (ranged)

Wizard (spells + range)

Priest or Druid 


Then I want to leave the newer unique classes for future playthroughs.

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Interesting choice to leave the new unique classes till later, I think I can't resist trying out a Godlike to begin with.

I feel reassured that your choice of party composition is similar to mine, would a Rogue work better as Ranged?

I guess we'll all find out in a couple of hours! (:

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