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Novella, almanac etc will be avaiable before PoE release time?

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Darren stated that the bonus goodies will be made available with the release. But not the novella. MCA probably hasn't finished it yet.

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MCA not done?! Shocking!


I like the guy, but AFAIK he never finished the promised Wasteland 2 novel/novella he was doing either.


I do wish the extras were released early, but at this late hour it doesn't really matter.

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Extra content will be released at the same time as game unlocks. That was stated by Obsidian.


This imho is because for example, prima guide is also purchasable outside (prima website and amazon), collector's book is also possible to get through .amazon.


Releasing this early would mean that it would appear on torrent sites before it is accessible to buyers which would be bad and hurt the sales.

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