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New to this game, not new to Genre. Will there be a tutorial and....

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Greetings. I pre ordered via Steam and I am ready to go tomorrow. Where can I find details about the classes and play mechanics?


Will the game have a tutorial on the various classes and how they work?


I have read the descriptions of each class but wanted a bit more information. I know there is nothing better than learning while playing.


Thanks much. 

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There's a manual in Steam (link is in the right pane) but it's a little outdated at this stage due to last minute tinkering (errata here: http://eternity.obsidian.net/game/manual-errata). There is a brief rundown on the characters in char gen and there are tutorial pop ups throughout the game that you can enable but I'm not sure to what extent the latter will deal with classes.


Edit: oh and Sensuki made a detailed video that intros the classes:


He also made a couple of other videos detailing mechanics as well. You'll find them if you check his channel.

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