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Small party suggestions

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Hi guys,
Recently I've been playing through BG saga once more and discovered I enjoy small parties (3-4 people) more than full 6. Mainly due to less micromanaging, less worries about safe positioning of weaker party members.

I'm curious how this can work in Pillars of Eternity. Are there some classes that you absolutely need to have in your party? How would the optimal small party look like? If you have some experience (from playing beta) already I would appreciate some suggestions.

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There are no classes that you absolutely must have in your party. That said I would definitely take at least one tank-y character. I prefer a fighter for this role but others swear by paladins, monks and rangers. Rangers and monks are particularly handy if you want your tank to do some damage as well as soak it up. I'd definitely take a druid as they have great offensive aoe spells and are versatile enough that you can use them wherever you like. I think a chanter would be really handy as their summons could take up some of the slack. Priests have the best healing spells but you could probably get away without one.


I've mostly been playing with the standard beta party rather than messing around with varied parties though so take all of this with a grain of salt.

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