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Official digital download via Steam?

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Hello, sorry if this has been asked before but it's been a long day, just got in.


I've been playing the beta via Steam for the last few months and I just checked my account staus, it says I'm in for the drm free version of PoE. Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't I be receiving a Steam key for the game, and if so how does that make it drm free?


Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to play via Steam, I'm just a little confused.


Thanks in advance!1

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You can pick between GOG and Steam once its time. You will just go to the backer area and then press Generate and what place you want the key from. Keep an eye on your email and the Pillars Portal!

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Even on Steam it can be DRM free, it is DRM free if it does not use Steamworks DRM, and not every game on Steam uses Steamworks DRM.  This is the reason why there are many games, even single player games, can be played without Steam even running in the background.


But yeah, you'll get a choice between GoG or Steam.  I am not even sure what version I want to go with yet.  =D

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