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Long static grass puts me off a little

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The game looks awesome in most places that i've seen. However, i saw some videos in outdoor areas where there are tall long static grasses that don't move. I understand it's a 2D painted background but my thoughts are it would look better when you keep it short. Because when it's long and it's static it kinds off put off immersion for me.


Also, in indoors like taverns and rooms you often see a round or square room where all other parts of the screen are blacks. I recently saw a video teaser for Swordcoast Legends. The tavern looks awesome to me simply that you don't see much black empty screen around. I think this empty screen can be better improved with bigger rooms or spaces just ilke Swordcoast Legend.


I'm not sure if it's by design that to mimic the feel of older Baldur's Gate games. But if there's going to be a remake of older titles, i would have hoped for less empty black screens. Just my thoughts for improving the game.


This is not a complain thread but a thoughts for enhancing the game. Thanks.

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The long grass is also a huge pain in terms of visibility. Characters and enemies standing in it have their lower quarter behind the grass and it just adds visual noise. Would have been nice to have those areas with long grass rerendered with shorter grass that doesn't occlude and look like a mess.

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