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We've heard a few times from the dev's how hard it would be to create new art assets specifically for the environment, but I wondered if it would be possible to access the texture maps or any of the art assets to modify them in a way to enhance them more? Specifically if I wanted to do paint over's of any area or make shadows on clothing or character assets pop more. Or maybe I want to make blood stains on a weapon instead of them looking shiny for example. Could I gain access to those files? I have a few ideas for things to do to make environment's gain the extra bit of detail that the art team may not have had time to do and I don't know how open the tech will be so we can mod those, or maybe create our own textures for new armor sets or weapons?

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You can pull the files out, but you can't put them back in as of yet. They went with sharedassets instead of assetbundles for the levels, which is not mod-friendly.

Will need to discuss things after release.

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