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[480] Cipher: Poorly explained Focus and Soul Whip mechanic



Poorly explained and possibly confusing Focus and Soul Whip ability of Cipher class.



In game one can see some info on character creation, then in game in the description of Soul Whip ability and there is also a loading tip:


I think the loading tip is the least confusing. There are some possible questions the player can ask:
-- What defines maximum Focus? (What is this number player sees?)
-- How is the level progression of the mechanics?
-- How is Focus gained though Soul Whip ability related to the weapon damage? (is it related to the amount of dmage or flat increase?)
-- Is the Soul Whip active always when Focus isn't full?


[Expected behavior]
In case there would be some further descriptions pass, it would be useful if specific mechanics for each class are explained in game in more detail. In BB some information is only provided on character creation (such as class progressions) or as loading screen tips, which you have a chance not encounter at all in time of need.


In case of Cipher, perhaps it would be also useful to show the maximum focus. (maybe in the Focus tooltip in the corner of character portrait?)



Some possibly useful information not explained in game (may be wrong, as obtained by trial and error):


Cipher character has Focus level progression:
Focus = (15 + 5 * (LVL-1))
-> so it's 15 at lvl 1, 20 at lvl 2, and so on.

This number is available at the start of combat.


Maximum_Focus = 2 * Focus.
-> 30 at lvl 1, 40 at lvl 2, and so on.


Soul Whip is probably combat only ability as there is a combat log line informing about it's activation. (not mentioned)


When being under it's maximum, Focus is replenished on each successful weapon hit (graze/hit/crit) and the income is estimated as 25% of total damage done (after DR substraction) rounded down.

Note: It's possible the game uses Focus as float number under the hood, but player sees integer anyway.


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