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Can i have an opinion about this comp? viable?

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Frontline: Figher (tank+dmg) + Paladin (tank+aura)


Midline: Rogue (full dps+roam) + Chanter (buffing+summons)


Backline : Wizard (low aoe+high single dps) + Ranger (high single dps)


I would appreciate suggestions, Thank you : - )

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It is viable, although tank+dmg build for fighter is not most efficient but mostly it works. Paladin's tank + support (aura) build is quite efficient. Roaming dps rogue is fun to play even though they are much more vulnerable compared to ranged dps build. Full support chanter is one best build that you can do in this game, so you can't go wrong with it :). Wizard is ok in crowd control + dps role, although currently druids are just better, but you get more flexibility with wizard, meaning that you are able to switch their role to something different quite easily, which may let you to react to surprises that game throws at you. Ranger is arguably weakest of the dps classes in the game currently but they work decently in role of ranged dps and their pet works as fine scout (as currently they are immortal so you don't need to care if they run in traps or get caught by dangerous enemies) even if it isn't that good in fight (although if you combine pet+ranger it is quite well working combination you should nearly always target same target with them, because if you divide their attention to different targets it will weaken their ability deal damage for both of them )     

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