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Attribute Based Talent Suggestions

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The Goal -


1. Make strong enough talents requiring a minimum attribute score to add value/options for less min/maxed characters.

2. Give more active options for all classes.


Rough ideas/examples -


1 Passive Bonuses


Overpowering: Requires 12 Might: +10 Accuracy to Fortitude targeting spells, abilities, and powers (Knock Down for example)

Toughness: Requires 12 Constitution: +3 stam, health, and fortitude/level, -10% Recovery Penalty from armor, -30% damage taken from criticals

Evasive: Requires 12 Dexterity: -15% damage taken from AoE attacks

Awareness: Requires 12 Perception: +7 Accuracy and +30% of your Reflex defense to Will and Fortitude Saves

Exacting: Requires 12 Intellect: +20% damage and duration on your attacks that graze

Determined: Requires 12 Resolve: Roll twice on all concentration checks, taking the highest roll


2 Active Abilities


Precision Strike: Requires 12 Might and 12 Dexterity: 1/Encounter: Your next attack gains +30 accuracy and stuns for 3 seconds

Find Weakness:  Requires 12 Perception and 12 Intellect: 1/Encounter: Your attacks target the lowest defenses of enemies for 10s

Perseverance: Requires 12 Constitution and Resolve: 1/per encounter: Your next action cannot be interrupted and you take 20% less damage until it is completed.




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Josh doesn't like attribute pre-requisites for them. Personally I actually agree, because all it does is pigeonhole your build.


I see them as the only way to make all attributes valuable for all classes. The current values are hopeless.


Granted, I don't think it needs to be the case that all attributes have similar value for all classes, but it seems to be a thing for them. And right now, there's no argument for some attributes on some classes. If each had some substantial talents linked to them, there'd at least be some case for taking a higher perception caster character or whatever.


I can understand that if you're building a character and you check the talent lists and see you want X and Y and thus need Z at least attribute score it can feel pigeonhole-y, but right now I feel it's in a worse state where you simply maximize the obviously most beneficial attributes.


Building characters in 3.5e in NWN2 for example felt more nuanced, and they had enough variety that it increased build diversity more than it limited it.

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The problem is with the attribute system, giving attribute requirements to things is a bandaid on the bullethole. We can modify attributes easily enough so all hope is not lost. I will be doing just that for the IE Mod.


It is pretty much as I predicted - virtually ignore Perception and Resolve unless you're building a tank (and you take them for the Deflection, not the interrupt/concentration).

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