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When will backers be able to choose steam or gog version?

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I completed all the steps on the site as a backer but there is sitll no option to choose steam or gog version.

When will we be able to choose our version? When will we receive our serial to be able to register the game and pre-load it when this option will start?



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I'v heard nothing official yet...could be tomorrow could be the 26'th.

but I guess you get to choose your copy the same time they choose to give out the codes.


probably in the next update.

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I've been wondering this myself, especially since PoE showed up in the Steam store.


By any chance, does anyone know if Kickstarter backers will get the preorder bonuses advertised on Steam?


Edit: Whoop, found an answer to my own question here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69314-pre-orders-and-new-trailer-now-live/

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