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Will Obsdian ever develop their own game engine?

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I only ask because the BIS/Obsidian team has not produced a new published game engine since FO in 1997...and that doesn't seem to be changing with KOTOR 2.


Is Obsidian interested in developing their own CRPG engine or is the strategy basically to adapt existing ones for the immediate future?

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Well, they did make their own 3D engine for Jefferson/Van Buren. As to how fast it ran, how flexible it was, etc., I can't attest (maybe no one ever will). It sure was pretty, though--from the 4 screenshots I've seen.


Not sure if Lionheart used an in-house engine.

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Obsidian does intend to develop its own tools and engine technology. However, when a game using that technology will actually be released depends on many factors.


With KotOR 2 for example, it would not have made sense for us to use our own engine. For other projects, it really just depends on what the project is, how much time we have to develop it, whether it is a sequel or original title, etc.

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