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I'm playing the Public Beta and I notice there is a distinct difference between BG and PoE. Pausing during combat stops the sound effects in PoE. This kind of makes the action seem to stop. In BG the sound effects, like spell casting, continue for a few seconds. 

I hope there aren't already an topic for this, I did search couldn't find any.

It is late in the development so it probably can't be included but I at least got it off my chest :)

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It used to be like that then a backer requested it be changed, and so it was.


It would be fair enough if they had options for both, but I don't think they will at least on release.

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Well, to be fair the action *does* stop when you pause :)
The 'problem' with keeping sound effects intact is that the current actions will become silent when you unpause the game instead, since theyve already finished...

On the other hand, that didnt bother me much in BG.


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