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[435]Cannot set the "Highlight Interactables" button to anything other than Tab.



[Description of the issue]

Customising some controls doesn't work. Specifically, I want to set the "Highlight Interactables" key (Tab by default) to Right Alt. I can set the button in the controls screen, but pressing the assigned key in game does nothing.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


1) Go to the controls screen

2) Set "Highlight Interactables" to Right Alt.

3) When in an area where there are interactable objects on screen, hit the Right Alt key and watch nothing happen.


[Expected behaviour]

Assigning "Highlight Interactibles" to Right Alt should allow me to "Highlight Interactibles" by pressing Right Alt, instead of having to move my hand to the other end of the keyboard and press Tab.


[Other remarks / Comments]

This problem has been there since the first version of the backer beta that I tried using.







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