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[435] Sliding Korgrak



In my further investigation of animation issues, I managed to produce a rather funny one.

If you knock a unit down, and then paralyze them either when they're in their prone stance or mid-animation transitioning into/out of prone, when the unit comes out of prone on the data side, there is a bug where the proper animation sequence does not occur and they either just stay prone, or transition to prone and then just stay prone, and start sliding around until something resets their animation sequence - such as an interrupt, which plays the 'interrupt' animation.

Are animations based on the GameObject's transform? because there seems to be quite a few inconsistencies between what happens on the data side and the actual animations that are occuring.

There is probably two bugs here - one with animations, and another with how paralyze and prone are handled when a unit is affected by both of them, and one status effect ends before the other, and how that affects animations/stances.

The problem here is likely that when hit with a Paralyze, the Prone duration is still in effect and maybe when the prone duration ends, the stand up from prone animation is prevented from playing due to paralyze freezing the unit?

There is also another problem with this sequence that occurs when the timings of the afflictions ending are different to the issue caught in the video, and the units do fall to prone and then get up from prone, but all the while, they are sliding around when fall prone and stand up from prone should immobilize the unit (as in they should not be able to move while that animation is playing). This issue is likely similar to what happens when units are hit with an interrupt while moving, but do not stop.

If I can record the issue with the sliding while getting up occurs, I will post another video, but I don't have time tonight.


This also brings up the question as to what should happen if a unit is paralyze while they are falling prone, is a unit already prone while they are falling prone? and if paralyzed, should it freeze the prone duration until the paralyze (or petrify) has ended? I'm not really sure what is supposed to happen there.

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