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Where to order Forging Divinity


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I learned a few days before that Andrew Rowe wrote a novel called Forging Divinity. I would like to order that book and read it, and am curios where I can order it from? I checked online and from what I see I can only order it from Amazon. I was wondering if I can order it from an online shop that is based in the Euroean Union. Moreover, the only options found on Amazon, for new books, belong to bookstores found only in the US. Can anyone help me?

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This is the author - thanks for your interest!


Elerond is right - it's up on amazon.co.uk, and that's probably your best bet. I recently made a fix to the cover, which might be why they seem to have a limited stock available - it should (in theory) be back fully in stock within a few days. 


You can find it on Barnes and Noble's website, too, but I'm not sure if they have any copies out in Europe.

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