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Order of elements in the left panel of Char Creation


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I've noticed that whenever there are elements listed in the left panel of the Character creation UI, for example the 11 classes, they are always listed horizontally and in alphabetical order. This means Chanter is to the right of Barbarian, the Cipher underneath Barbarian, etc.


I've always hated this kind of ordering because it's particularly anti-intuitive. When the columns are higher than the rows are wide, it makes sense to order elements alphabetically in columns -- therefore Chanter should be underneath Barbarian, then Cipher under Chanter and so on, with Paladin being to the right of Barbarian, and then onward until Wizard at the bottom right.


In my practice I've always been scolded for arranging lists on webpage layouts in the manner in which classes are listed in the Character Creation UI. It's simply wrong. Fix it nao! :) I realize this UI will not be used especially often, but it would be keeping with good practices. So please. ;)

A Custom Editor for Deadfire's Data:

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