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Big Character Model accessable for view only when you lvl up?

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So will it be possible to access full-screen preview of your character model aside from that time when you are leveling up?


I think it's really a shame you can only access it during LVL up. Yeah I know there is one in the inventory but it's kinda small. crying.gif


I would love to see my characters and her/his equipment at any time in all it's glory. :D

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As of the current beta, nope, you can only get a "real" close-up of your character during lvlup. That being said, when you play the game, the inventory screen really is enough. You can see all relevant details and you can rotate your character.

The inventory and the character display in the inventory could be a bit bigger, but it's not something you really think about when in-game.

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Lies I tell you I think about it all the time >.< lol but really I know what he is saying I would love to scroll in just a bit more and I would be happy, what you could to is decrease the resolution that may help but it makes the graphic of the portraits more blurry. You win some and lose some when it comes to making them bigger I am sure there is more than one way of seeing them closer up but have not put much time into trying that yet.

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