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[435] Mouseover interaction issue with action bar icons with submenus



In this video, I demonstrate how mouseover interaction with action bar slots that have submenus is a bit inconsistent, and there could be some very minor bugs with it.

For instance - a fast mouse movement to another action bar slot seems to refresh the amount of time that the submenu persists after you're no longer mousing over the base slot that has the submenu. A slower mouse movement does not.

There could be a check for whether you've moused over any action bar slot in the past x milliseconds for the purposes of determining the lingering time of a submenu

Expected Behavior / Suggestions
  • When you mouse over a new ability icon that has no submenu, deprecate the submenu immediately
  • When you mouse over the submenu, it should persist while you're mousing over it
  • The selection area for mousing over submenus seems to be slightly inaccurate, there is space between the ability bar and the submenu where the mouse cursor changes to a move cursor, but in some instances the submenu persists when the cursor is a movement cursor
  • Unified linger time for submenus when mousing over nothing / mousing over part of the solid UI but not the game world etc
  • The selection area for the action bar icons could be a bit tighter, as that could also be contributing to the issue
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Got another video to add to this



When you have the action bar open, the area between them does not register a click in the game world. When you open a submenu such as Chanter spells, the area is clickable from about just before the halfway point of the second spell slot


Expected result: all of that space should not register a click in the game world

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