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[392] Character Creation Non-Functional



I cannot seem to start a new game - The character creation system appears bugged.


Without a produced savegame, I can only provide screenshots, but I can walk through what happens.


1) Load the game, click "New game"


2) After loading, there are no prompts beyond "Exit" and the character creation tabs aren't initially available. After a few minutes of waiting, the character creation tabs appear, as does the randomly determined human default character.



3) It becomes apparent that no changes made to the character stick. You can change the gender, race, class or ethnicity of the character but aside from seemingly limited changes to skin color (changing to Aumaua turns skin blue, etc), nothing changes the character model from the default in a substantial way. As you can see, the model is noticeably different from what's been selected. In addition to this, returning to the race or class tab after choosing another aspect of the character causes a UI bug in which all buttons are apparently collapsed into one.



4) It appears that the only aspect of the model that changes is the starting weapon selection, which changes based on class / culture. However the weapons are not held by the model and instead they float at the character's sides. Armor should change in a like way but it doesn't. Strangely, color palette can still be manipulated. 



5) Even upon completing all criteria for a new character, the "Done" button doesn't work and a new game can't be started.


[Expected behaviour]

The character model should change based on the choices of the player, and once all criteria have been chosen the game should be allowed to start.


[Other remarks / Comments]

I don't know what precipitated this, as of 2 weeks ago I could start new games with impunity. No hardware changes have occurred and as far as I know there has been no change to the beta version used. I can load previous savegames, but the new game attempt was precipitated by an inability to successfully transition from the Gorge area to the Dyrford village (characters start at the north of the Dyrford map and cannot move or take commands). All files in the game's cache have been verified, so it doesn't appear to be due to missing or corrupt files.



Screenshots are attached.



My dxdiag file is attached.


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First off I'd advise trying this:

Verify Integrity of Steam Cache

A few times when I have downloaded a patch, my game files have become corrupted and weird stuff has happened. Verifying Integrity of Game Cache checks to make sure your files are correct and re-downloads them if they are not.

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