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[392] [Paladin] Deep Faith talent not applied properly



[Description of the issue]

"Deep Faith" bonus does not get applied!

[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Start new game with a Paladin character


2) Level up your Paladin and select "Deep Faith" when you get the opportunity


3) Check the numbers for Defenses, the entry for "Faith & Conviction" and its tooltip on the character sheet


4) Notice that the defenses get improved as per level-up additons and per regular "Faith & Conviction", but the additional bonus from "Deep Faith" is missing. While being correctly displayed in the "Faith & Conviction" tooltip the entry in the Characte sheet only show the values for regular "Faith & Conviction", too.

[Expected behaviour]

"Deep Faith" should give bonus to Deflection, Reflex, Fortitude and Willpower!

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