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[392] Problem when switching followers



Description :


I found a serious issue with followers. I had a full group, and decided to create a new Chanter to replace my ranger.

It worked well until I got to the Ogre's Cave. Here I found my old ranger follower which was fighting spider while she was in a wall.

I killed the Ogre, and saved.

On reload, I couldn't control anymore my Chanter, her portrait had been replaced by my old ranger which is still stuck in the wall.

As a result I lost control over my Chanter, my Ranger which is in the wall, and I can't leave the cave.


I'm afraid I don't have a save before this issue, I'm just uploading the current one for you to see with a screenshot.


Expect Behaviour :

I guess my old ranger follower shouldn't stalk me from inside the walls


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