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[392] Issue: Spells, Non-weapon based abilities and Ranged weapons need their range in the description





Just an anecdote: A while ago, Jolting Touch used to be the best Level 1 Wizard spell because it did the best damage and was ranged. In v333 (?) it was unfortunately nerfed to be a melee range spell like the D&D version of Shocking Grasp. I only found out this by trying to cast the spell from range and having my Wizard start to run into melee to cast it.


For a new player especially, this could be a very dangerous activity due to the engagement system. 

I think that the cast range of spells and non-weapon based abilities should be shown in the description so that people can learn before they cast them about how far away they can be. This also needs to be the case because of the inclusion of the bonus range from Perception, because a percentage based bonus is very hard to calculate at a glance especially if you're not even sure of the base range of an ability (or ranged attack, for that matter).

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