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[392] Issue with aiming Ray Spells




Sometimes when aiming Ray spells, the caster moves to cast the spell from near the position of the mouse cursor when the casting click was aimed by the player. This usually happens when the spell is aimed at certain angles across other units.


A while ago I made a suggestion to change the way Ray and Cone spells work so that you can target the ground, however I realize I forgot to take into account the fact that you can rotate the spell as well.


Ideally how I would like Cone and Ray spells to work, would be that they would be cast on the ground by clicking on the ground, the default angle would always be straight from the position of the character (and shown), upon selecting the ground target for the base of the spell, you could then move the mouse around to aim the ray/cone and left clicking again would issue the command to the caster to move into position if out of range, and then cast the spell.

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