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[392] Issue with Spell-casting/Ability-use, interrupts and engagement




Ignore most of what I'm saying in this video because I was making it to report another set of issues, but at the end of the video, you will see that my Wizard goes to cast the spell Rolling flame at a bunch of oncoming enemies. Before actually completing the spell, BB Wizard is interrupted by the first melee attack landed against him, because he is engaged in melee but is not in range, he then moves, suffers a disengagement attack (?!?!??!) and starts auto-attacking his first engager.


This is particularly annoying for player and enemy units. I would prefer if my party units did nothing because the auto-attack clause from engagement makes them 'waste' their action. You then have to wait until their auto-attack recovery has finished to be able to start casting spells again.


I don't think it would be a good idea to have them always attempt the spell again due to the engagement system. If the target of the spell is out of range, the wizard would then move and suffer potentially multiple disengagement attacks simply by re-attempting the spell.


This also kind of brings up the question as to whether Party AI or Auto-attack toggles should be implemented. There are still many cases in the game where party members start auto-attacking or automatically change targets to start auto-attacking when they absolutely shouldn't (overriding your issued command), behaving like enemy AI.


Optimally, if the target of the ability or spell is in range, I think it would be valid to have the character attempt the action again, but if the target is not in range then they should do nothing, or auto-attack if Party AI/auto-attack options are turned on.


edit: There also seems to be an issue here with disengagement attacks, melee weapon range and possibly pathfinding. My Wizard had to move to auto-attack his first engager and suffered a disengagement attack, which is ridiculous.

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