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[392] Sneak attack, merciless companion damage bonus not applied



I've noticed that in some cases there is no damage bonus applied from the Rogues Sneak Attack ability even though the Sneak attack text appears in the log and the conditions appear to be satisfied. I've noticed the same thing with the damage from the Merciless companion talent for the ranger.


Unfortunately I can't be much more helpful than that, as I think it does work sometimes and I'm not sure what the conditions are.


In the image below you see a level 3 ranger companion attacking the Harond Guard on the bridge. If you look in the combat you log at the top line you see the animal companion "Pan" do a normal hit for 9 damage. Then I get the BB Rogue to apply a Blind effect, the next attacks have the Merciless companion text as you would expect but the next normal hit, on the bottom line of the log, only deals 8 damage. 



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