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[392] Full health, but "Your party is dead" upon load.



I had this issue on a quicksave, and found my way around it, but failed to keep that save game. Sorry. Anyways...


Fought the ogre, and half my party was maimed from the fight. Ran into the bug where I couldn't loot, so I quicksaved/quick loaded very quickly. I am not sure if I let my party finish their out-of-combat regen. When I loaded, my BB Wizard had 0 endurance, my other maimed companions were at full endurance. I don't remember what his health bar was. I then got the message that my party was dead, about 5 seconds after the load completed, forcing me to reload.


Since I had 5 seconds after the load to mess around, I tried to rest. BB Wizard was at full health, no debuff from being maimed. Still got the message that my party died.


On the next load, I rested, saved, and then loaded again. And everything worked fine.

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