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Recruiting Kongrak (Idea for future)

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A long time ago we joked, discussed, inspired and what not about "Pack Animals".

Someone brought up having an Ogre in your party, I don't remember if I posted it or if someone else posted it (lol). I'm too lazy to look up the 1 and a half year old dead thread (I assume).

Regardless, the other day I thought about Kongrak, and about the Modding thread, "Recruit NPC's" or "Anyone" that I noticed in that thread and realized that it wouldn't be too difficult to get Kongrak, the ogre, in your party through some console commands.

But what if it was official, vanilla? Dialogue options that could sway Kongrak to, hey, join your party, NPC reactions and intimidation values (Example: "No way! This is outragous! I am not giving you my most prized possession!" Party: "I have an Ogre", "Uh uh uh uh, well, uh, okay, uhm, uuuuuh"). I think it'd be super fun :D

- Kongrak would take up 2 party slots, so be prepared to either feed him 2 of your party members, or kick them out.
- NPC's wouldn't like Kongrak much, so he'd stay out of cities or you would get attacked (Entering a City tile or traveling to a City could prompt Kongrak to say something like "I will wait here", and you'd have to go back to fetch him, or he'd automatically join as you leave the city).

What do you think? Expansion for another Ogre companion in the future? Ditch this idea and burn it in fire?

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Oh hell no, I tried doing that in an attempt to help with spell checking and grammar and realized I was diving into a big ball of "SPOILERS" that I'd rather want to avoid. Accidentally and briefly spoiled myself doing that, want to avoid such things as much as possible :p just like I tripped on some of the images in the "Modding thread" by mistake, and thought it was awesome stuff, but I didn't like it that I got spoiled still.

But if you're trying to say or imply that what I'm suggesting is already a thing then... :D :D :D I have nothing further to add.

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I am sensing that this thread is perilously close to falling off the precipitous ledge onto spoiler valley.

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"Things are funny...are comedic, because they mix the real with the absurd." - Buzz Aldrin.

"P-O-T-A-T-O-E" - Dan Quayle

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