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[364] Engagement mechanic overriding char actions



[Description of issue:] When a character is initially engaged by an enemy, the character's program AI overrides the engaged character's player-directed commands and forces the character to auto-attack the engaging enemy. This is disruptive and plays as a (fairly bad and very frustrating) aggro mechanic, which can interrupt spells, abilities (drinking a potion for example), and any other variety of commands. It causes the player to lose control of their character. The only thing "getting" engaged should do is stop a character from moving or move-attacking as movements can trigger a disengagement attack (whereas no other action outside of moving should provoke a disengagement attack).

[steps to replicate:]

1- Have your character be allowed to get engaged by an enemy.

2- While the enemy is coming to engage your character, perform any action that does not involve movement (drink a potion, set a trap, cast a spell, use an ability, etc).

3- Your character's action, if not completed, will stop and your character will begin to attack the engaging enemy.


[What should happen:]

Characters who are initiating or in the middle of an action (and are not MOVING) should first be allowed to complete that action. Thereafter, if character AI is turned on the character should begin auto-attacking after completing that action. If character AI is off, the character should stand in position until the next action is given.

Movement (either straight move or attack-move or rotate formation-move) while being engaged should stop the character and auto-attack should begin (again if AI is on) or the character should stop (if AI is off). A short (non-obtrusive) UI feedback mechanism (visual or sound) may be employed to inform the player that their character is now engaged.

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