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[364] Bottom pile of skulls in Berath's Temple difficult to interact with



[Description:] When entering Berath's temple, north of where you start, there are several (3?) piles of skulls which you can interact with. The top and middle piles are easily interactable as long as you are within range of the magnifying glass icon. The bottom pile, however, requires that you be located precisely below the pile and close enough (small crevice in the map) before it interacts with the pile.


[steps to reproduce:]

1- Create party and enter game

2- Enter Berath's temple.

3- Interact with leftmost skull pile. Notice that your character can be in several locations and the skull pile message will show up.

4- Place your character to the left of the bottom/right-most skull pile. Interacting with the magnifying glass icon will produce no message.

5- Move your character to below the pile of skulls and interact again. It now works.


[What should happen]: You should be able to interact with the skull piles without having to be precisely located below them (as long as magnifying glass icon is clickable).


Image attached to show where you do not get the message (even with the icon clickable) with a red X and where you do get a message with a green checkmark.lOX5UxI.jpg


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