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[364] Raolf & Norgar's Reappearance



[Description of the issue]

When you return to the Dyrwood Crossing area after having chased away the two bandits and defeated the other three, once you return to the area or load a savegame, Norgar and Raolf have returned.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Have a main character that can pass the Resolve 16 check in the conversation with the bandits.

2) Meet with the bandits and select the option which uses the Resolve check. Norgar and Raolf will run away, and you get to fight the rest of the enemy party.

3) After defeating them, save your game.

4) Load the savegame or exit and reenter the area.

5) Raolf and Norgar at where they were before they ran off, and they don't react to dialogue. You can still kill them by force-attacking.


[Expected behaviour]

Raolf & Norgar shouldn't reappear, or if they do, some contextual dialogue with them should be possible.


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