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[364]Enemies do not reacquire targets after having targeted a party member.




I see there is no "Combat" tag in the "Topic Tags" field. Hmm... ;)


I was able to pull a very hilarious battle with one beetle chasing after my main character while my other characters were fighting the other beetles. At least now I know that a beetle's speed is roughly equal to a human in Mail Armor.


[Test case]

1) Attract the attention of an enemy, preferably from enough distance that you don't trigger engagement mechanics.

2) Move away from him as he is closing for melee

3) Watch as he doesn't ever change his target even wile passing by other, more vulnerable than you, and static party memebers


[Expected behaviour]

The AI should reaquire targets which it evaluates as being more dangerous, or more vulnerable, unless the specific enemy is to be portrayed as some sort of automaton who disregards his own life, circling around your party chasing one character while the others pelt him with arrows, shot, and spells.

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