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[364]Line height of dialogue log should be the same as of the combat log & Other related stuff



[Description of the issue]

The log has two tabs, combat and dialogue. The combat dialogue has its line-height set to a normal value (at least in css, it's called just "normal", hehe), whereas the dialogue tab has a line-height of twice the line's actual height, meaning if you compress the log vertically you can see just one line (or a line and a half, which isn't any better). It's also possible that those empty lines are not caused by line-height but by line breaks at the end of every line, I can't know.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


1) Talk to people around Dyrford Village

2) Check out your Dialogue Log

3) The line height makes it so that for every line of text you have, you have one empty line.


[Expected behaviour]

Lines should follow one after another without any empty lines, to utilize space.


[Other remarks / Comments]

I have a few very passionate requests about the message log:

1. It's nice that the dialogue log now shows the texts shown on loading screens, like in BG, but there is some indentation to the lines. I'm sure you've noticed it too and will remove it.

2. The log could benefit from smaller scrollbar UI elements. When at its minimum height, the arrows take up too much of height and the gem hardly changes its position, which position should tell the player how far up/down he is looking in the log.
3. I'm repeating my plea to remove the shading on the top and the bottom of the message log. The message log is meant to be easy to read and that should be the first priority, not showing cool shading effects on its edges.
4. The log should be scrolled down to the bottom by default/when an area is loaded.

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