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Desert Bus just opened donations today, and they are already well over two days bussing time.


What is Desert Bus for Hope?

Canadian comedy troope Loading Ready Run does an annual charity virtual drive for Child's Play. They play Desert Bus, in which you drive a constantly-veering-to-the-left bus from Arizona to Vegas. In real time. If you crash, you get towed back to the start. In real time.


How does it work?

Over the course of five days (even though it keeps growing exponentially), LRR will livestream auctions, challenges, songs, you-name-it in order to keep the donations flowing. Each driver takes a six hour shift. There are guest drivers (such as Al-Jazeera last year), call-ins from various famous people, and even achievements. Yes, Real Life Achievements. 


When does it start?

Friday, 10am. I plan, as usual, to watch it all. Most of the events are recorded for the DBFH YT page.


An here.





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