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[333] BB party member become uncontrollable

Sad Panda


A funny thing happened on the way to Dyrford...


I had just attempted to retrieve the dragon egg, only to fumble and break it. Well, no biggie, I'll just reload and try a different party member... except that after the reload, there were none. All BB party members had become uncontrollable, and seemingly removed from the party.


Well, whatever, I thought. This is a good opportunity to build a custom party. So I headed back into town and recruited a few adventurers, figuring I'd then go kill my former party to get my loot back from them. I found however, that only two of them remained where I left them:




...which incidentally was how many open slots I still had in the party. The BB chars still behaved like they were in the party, among other things triggering the auto-pause:




...and being knocked out. They didn't recover upon combat ending, though:




I have no idea what's the cause, as I have not been able to reproduce the problem. After the bug occurred the game also started eating up intense amounts of memory, going up from 2.5 GB on a fresh load to 4+ GB. Not sure if it's related.

Dyrford Crossing save.zip

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