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[333] Hiding the UI makes your selection lasso invisible as well



[Description of the issue]

When you hide the UI (default Ctrl+H) this also hides the green lasso for making selections of units, disables the hover effect when you are hovering over units, the hover effect when a unit is selected and you hover over a door or over a container, basically disables all visual feedback for your


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

- Load a game

- Hide the UI

- Select a character by clicking on it or dragging around it

- Move the character around

- Try to send the character into a building or have him open a container


[Expected behaviour]

Only the hud and the circles under chracters should hide, the lasso and hover effects should stay when the UI is hidden (at least that's my opinion of how it should work).

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