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crash leading to system corruption



I installed the latest version for the first time on Saturday and played for just over an hour. While in game I noticed the screen persistently flickering to black, this intensified over the hour and then the game crashed showing a blue screen of death.


Subsequently I wasn't able to start windows which displayed the blue screen error:


"STOP C00007B: Bad Image, winsrv.dll is not designed to run on windows or contains an error".


The usual attempts to perform startup repair, restore or system file checks didn't succeed and I ended up having to re-install windows. Since re-installing things seem to have been working fine, although I haven't dared to try and play the game again.


I've attached a dxdiag for my system, although note this is likely to be inaccurate when it comes to things like drivers since this is after the re-install. In particular I believe the drivers for my Radeon had been updated a week or two before the crash and were likely the latest 14.301.1001 version, but I couldn't swear by it.


Does anyone have any insight into this problem and how I might avoid it in future? Could it be some kind of hardware issue? In particular what exactly is winsrv.dll? Something to do with the graphics driver perhaps?






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